Flow Analysis – Multidisciplinary optimization


Providing software solutions & services for flow analysis and multidisciplinary optimization

Software & Services

CFD-based and Multidisciplinary Optimization

Choose from a plethora of optimization methods and tools that cover CFD-based optimization for all flow speeds. Combine them with other disciplines (CSM, acoustics, heat transfer) to obtain solutions corresponding to real-world, multidisciplinary problems.

OpenFOAM Solutions

Profit from the experience of the developers of the adjoint optimization library of OpenFOAM

Accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamics

Utilize a GPU-enabled CFD solver to accelerate your CFD solutions and optimizations

AI-assisted design/optimization

Take advantage of our optimization techniques to design your products faster through the smart use of artificial intelligence

Machine learning

Predict the quality of new designs based on the experience of previous designs using deep neural networks and machine learning techniques 

What Makes Us Different

A unique combination of expertise and tools ranging from incompressible to transonic flows, open-source to GPU-enabled solvers and gradient-based to global optimization methods guarantees we can provide the right tool for your problem

A Taste of Possibilities

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